Multi-Religious Complex: "Little Jerusalem"


Multireligious Spiritual and Cultural Centre – A concept for the present-day European Jerusalem.

A conceptual design for a multireligious square comprised of 4 places of worship (a Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Mosque and Synagogue) surrounding a plateau with a central youth-club. The youth-club holds a multifunctional space, fit with a stage, a lower floor endowed with a library and space for an interreligious council.

Created and conceptualised in response to the current climate of division which permeates both Bosnia and the globe, but also in keeping with the spirit of Sarajevo and Bosnia: as a meeting point of cultures and religions; as model for co-existence.

Designed by Mimo. Showcased in 2016 at the Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo.


Not realised




Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina