Selected Sketches and Models

Conert Hall Sarajevo model, 2000

A model proposal for the construction of a concert hall in Sarajevo; an international contest was held in 2000.

Ilidza Mosque proposal - model, 1996

A model of the preliminary design for a mosque which was intended for construction at the locality of Ilidza.

Monument J.B. Tito, Zagreb, 1985

Proposed design for a monument to Marshal Tito in Zagreb. National contest. Special recognition for the work awarded by the jury.

JB Tito Museum - sketch, 1995

Sketch and plan for a museum dedicated to Marshal Tito. A national contest was held in 1985; the sketch was made a decade later.

Kakanj Mosque - model, 1992

Sketch of a mosque eventually realised in Kakanj.

Monument proposal sketch, Alija Izetbegovic Square

A sketch of a monument proposed for the first president of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Monument to Fallen Pilots, Belgrade 1941 - model, 1991

A maquette of a proposed monument in Belgrade. National contest; awarded first prize.

Proposed Villa - model, 2005

A model of the preliminary design for a villa in an affluent Sarajevan suburb.


Assorted creative sketches.